Cinematic Studio Brass is the result of three years of intensive recording, editing and programming. Featuring some of the world's most talented brass players in Australia's premiere scoring stage, this incredible collection of orchestral studio brass instruments will bring your music to life with a level of detail, power and realism rarely heard in the sample library world.


Carefully crafted for precision and consistency, with the same easy-to-use interface and beautifully rich sound as the rest of the Cinematic Studio Series, the new Cinematic Studio Brass is available now!


Rich, powerful orchestral brass for Kontakt

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  •   Edge of Reality - Alex Wallbank
  •   The Long Road - Alex Wallbank
  •   Escapade - Alex Wallbank
  •   Vanguard - Alex Wallbank
  •   Christmas Morning (Soft Dynamics) - Alex Wallbank
  •   Arrival (Brass and Strings) - Alex Wallbank
  •   Ringworld - Alex Wallbank
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  •   Artist Name - Song Title
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Features at a glance

Introducing cinematic studio BRASS

Cinematic Studio Brass brings a powerful Hollywood-style brass section to your fingertips and is the newest addition to our Cinematic Studio Series. We spent nearly 300 hours recording in a world-class scoring stage, using a unique combination of microphones to capture the individual character and charm of each instrument. The result is a stunning package of playable, realistic brass instruments; CSB stands out from the crowd either on its own, or as a perfect complement to Cinematic Studio Strings.


We’ve broken new ground here with our smooth and powerful legato and marcato articulations. Long-form legato was captured across the entire dynamic range - the result of countless hours of recordings and retakes. You’ll be swept away by the level of realism we’ve achieved. In addition the legato scripting has been upgraded with further under-the-hood functionality, so sculpting new melodic phrases is easier than ever. As always, we’ve maintained the highest possible level of consistency across all instruments to give them all a similar feel on the keyboard.


The GUI is streamlined and efficient, with its minimal number of patches making it quick to learn and easy to use. The layout is functionally the same as for Cinematic Studio Strings, so of course it’s easy to work with on its own, or equally easy when using both libraries together. The GUI features easily assignable keyswitches and MIDI CCs, and a full mixer with output routing options plus reverb. To save memory, articulations can be loaded in or out of RAM with a couple of clicks.

fully mixed - load and play

We used a variety of beautiful ribbon and condenser microphones to record Cinematic Studio Brass at three mic distances, Close, Main and Room, which you can combine to create your own mix inside Kontakt or via the output-routing option. Alternatively, you can use our ready-to-go mix position that contains all three mics in a stereo mix if you want a great sound with fewer resources. The Full Ensemble patches optimise workflow and are perfect for sketching or filling out a track.


Cinematic Studio Brass is a highly versatile library, capable of bringing you the sweet sounds of a gentle melody, or packing a real punch to bring all the drama and impact of a real Hollywood brass section to your music. We recorded the full dynamic range across every instrument, so when you play hard, you’ll hear hard - thanks to our talented players giving their all in every session. There’s nothing like hearing a brass ensemble really bring a room to life, and that’s exactly the sensation we’ve captured here.

compatible with free kontakt player

The Cinematic Studio Brass sample library is fully compatible with both full Kontakt and with the free Kontakt Player; CSB will work as a standalone product with no need to purchase additional software. Kontakt Player is available as a separate download from Native Instruments and can be downloaded free of charge by clicking here. CSB is also designed for use with the exciting range of NKS Keyboards- this means that all of the functions of  the library can be accessed and configured via the NKS keyboard's screen and dials.

  • TUBA
  • Sustains with long-form legato, from pp up to fff
  • Repetitions, Staccatissimo, Staccato and Sfz
  • Muted notes - both short and long
  • Flutter tongue
  • Trills
  • Double Tongue
  • Marcato
  • Rips


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introducing cinematic studio brass

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